PRONKO web design services focus on transforming your business idea into a clean and stable website

From a raw idea to front-end and back-end development and support, PRONKO builds a user-friendly website that aligns with your brand attributes and contains features that are critical for your online business.

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Our spectrum of web development services



Customer-side. We build the look of your website



Server-side. We set your website to work running behind the scenes processes

Being a full-stack web development company, PRONKO is your starting point for the whole new stage of your business development. Our company delivers an extensive range of services creating custom-oriented website solutions for businesses in different domains.

Front-end is the top of the iceberg and is everything that your users see. Back-end is the stuff beneath the surface and it powers the website itself. Front-end and back-end development solutions make up the final product.

We blend unrivaled design with flawless execution using the latest web technologies. Carefully balancing custom design, seamless user experience, and a non-user interface code, we significantly increase your chances for online success.

Our mission is to deliver the website that captivates your customers and creates a more powerful and effective web presence boosting revenue for your business.

We develop the website that works like a charm

Polished web design with a consistent layout, meaningful graphics and easy-to-read text sections

Optimized for mobile, other devices, and different browsers

Available to all users including blind and elderly people

Well-planned website sections and categories with logical navigation

Fast-loading pages with load time from 2 to 5 seconds

We build websites to carefully answer your business and marketing goals. We are capable of composing tailor-made solutions within diverse business niches and objectives.

We build websites to carefully answer your business and marketing goals. We are capable of composing tailor-made solutions within diverse business niches and objectives.

  • E-commerce website
  • Media website
  • Blog website
  • Business website
  • Brochure website
  • Infopreneur website
  • Portfolio website
  • Portfolio website
  • Nonprofit website

Front-end side of the website

Today customers have 2-6 seconds attention spans. If you fail to grab the attention of your website visitor within these timeframes, you are playing with fire. You run the risk to lose your precious consumer.

As you communicate with your customers through the front-end side of the website, PRONKO ensures you would have a meaningful and uninterrupted conversation. We help you create a lasting impression with unparalleled welcoming design and trouble-free user experience.

PRONKO front-end development
solutions incorporate

Responsive website design & development

Your customer may use any device from a phone to a smart TV to visit your website. But the layout that is suitable for the phone won’t work equally great for the TV set. So should you suffer the consequences of giving preference to one resolution and lose visitors from other devices? No way. We build responsive websites that look good on all devices automatically resizing, hiding, shrinking, or enlarging page elements depending on the screen size, platform, and orientation.

UI/UX design

You can enhance customers’ satisfaction and loyalty providing a more quality interaction between your website and consumer. Understanding how your users interact with the website, our UI and UX designers develop dynamic and smashing interfaces that give your consumers what they are searching for and emphasize your brand’s identity. We illustrate the website’s functionality through the prototype that gives you an insight into how it will look and feel before you invest in the development process.

Re-engineering services

If your website’s interface is outdated and you would like to invest in its upgrade, it’s smart of you. Re-engineering the layouts and improving UX can make you more noticeable in an online marketplace attracting new buyers, build stronger relations with your customers, and drastically boost your profit margins.

Our core technologies for delivering client-side development solutions:




Back-end side of the website

As your visitor is captured by the eye-friendly design and incomparable user experience, i.e. front-end side of the website, they decide to take action. Either they sign up, or add your product to the cart, these activities are powered by the back-end programming.

Our back-end developers focus on databases, scripting, and website architecture. They connect your website to a database, cloud, or VM and manage user connections with the help of the code.We take care of your website performance, security, resilience and make a solid foundation for pleasant user experience.

PRONKO back-end website development solutions entail

PRONKO back-end development feature

Website speed & efficiency optimization

Hosting environment administration

Security settings & hack prevention

Source control management

Cloud computing integration

Setup & administration of backups

Data migration, transformation, and scripting

Back-end structural, functional, and non-functional database testing