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Do I really need a website if I am not selling online?

Yes, if you want your business to succeed. Technologies change customers’ behavior. Today 30% of consumers won’t even consider your business if you do not have a website, regardless of your industry. Even if you are a small local shop, or a medium-sized service company, by having a website you can drastically increase your profit margins and enlarge the audience since you will be able to reach people that are located in another part of the city, country, or even continent.

You will benefit in many other ways having a professionally designed website:

You will increase your customers’ convenience since they could shop from the comfort of their homes

Your clients will have 24/7/365 access to your products, service so they could check everything they need at any time

You may win customers of competing companies that do not have websites

With a website, your business becomes ubiquitous. Anyone from anywhere can find your business and place an order with you

As almost 90% of buyers check the Internet first and the majority of them purchase online, you can finally reach to those 90% of potential clients you couldn’t cover when you didn’t have a website.

The more people know about your business, the bigger your revenue is. A website can generate +254% profit to your usual monthly income

A website is a great way to build your brand and become recognized by your customers so that they know where to return when they need the gear or service you offer

Why should I choose PRONKO for my IT support?

As a rational entrepreneur, you want to be sure that all your IT investments pay off. And that’s the way it should be.

We respect the freedom of choice and believe that you should decide by yourself whether you can trust your online business to us. That’s all that we say.

Being a full-stack development company, we can give you any assistance you may ever need to boost your profit and improve your business strategy. From developing a converting, sales-increasing, SEO-optimized, filled with high-quality unique content, brand-differentiating website or application to 24/7 support and maintenance of all your business assets, you get exactly what your business requires to move the next level. The solutions we are offering are tailor-made and adjusted to your business needs. We build customized websites that work like a clock generating maximum profit in the shortest period of time.

Either a small business or an enterprise, we equally treat each project with an insightful, detail-oriented, out-of-the-box approach to meet your expectations and exceed them.

With PRONKO you can be sure that every penny invested in your IT strategy yields tangible results.

How much does your service cost?

As with any type of construction work, the price will depend on the service you would like to get, the deadlines, complexity, and volume. You can check the list of services visiting this page and then ask for a free quote.

How do I get my website or application?

The process is pretty straightforward for you. You just let us know that you are eager to cooperate with us by sending an email to [email protected] or giving a call at +1 (212) 484 2301 ext 400

Then we will schedule a constructive conversation to go over your product ideas, objectives, deadlines, and some other details relevant for the development process. As soon as all project aspects are negotiated, we will get down to the implementation. During the development stage, we will keep you updated on the project status and share the results with you. We also test, debug, launch your project, as well as give you a helping hand after we deliver the final product. Our assistance will include support, monitoring, and maintenance so that you rest assured that your online business processes run smoothly. Moreover, we will teach you how to take full advantage of the website or application to hit your business targets.

How do you perform IT support, maintenance, and monitoring?

98% of our work can be done remotely. It allows us to give you instant 24/7 support regardless of your location. In such a way, you save your money and have all your IT problems fixed within the shortest time.

In case the issue can’t be detected and solved distantly, we will be at your office in New York within an hour or two.

What are your payment terms?

Payment conditions depend on the project. If you have a small project, we will ask you for a 50% prepayment at the beginning of the development stage and the remaining 50% as we launch your project.

You will be paying by milestones with long-term projects. In case of a consistent IT support service, you will be given the invoice every month. If you feel the need for emergency support that is not included in your plan, we will charge you per service.

What if I need to update my website?

If your business website is outdated and it does not bring the desired results, we can fix it. With a full range of services starting with re-design of all your page layouts to optimizing content and implementing winning SEO strategies, we will turn your website into a money-making machine.

How do you maintain the website so that it works flawlessly?

To ensure that all your IT assets work properly and keep your online business running, we take care of servers, PCs, and other devices. By doing daily checks, patch management, OS and software updates, we detect the issues and fix them before they become serious problems that result in costly downtime.

My data has been lost. Can you do anything about it?

Of course, it is better to prevent data loss rather than to fix it. But if it happens that you have lost your data after the breach, we can help you recover it. We back up your data to local external hard drives or storage systems so that it could be easily restored in case of a loss.

If my website or application fails, how can you help me?

Be it a cyber-attack or system breach, we design and implement step-by-step disaster recovery solutions that protect your systems, networks, devices from unplanned incidents that could affect your company operations.