Keep track of your business performance indicators with PRONKO detailed reports & analytics

PRONKO provides you with a wide range of insights about your business performance and environment. We cover key metrics so you know how your business operates.

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Reports & Analytics

Get powerful insights about your business performance

Spot details

Uncover insights on the strong and weak spots of the organization environment so you could run your business more effectively

Stay updated

Be in the know of the events and key metrics in order to take smart actions based on the data provided

Get alerts

Gain detailed insights about frequent issues, alerts, and more to deliver an exceptional user experience

Equipment Health & Performance Report

  • PRONKO gets a holistic view across all your business assets to ensure you have no performance gaps or device failures.

  • We keep track of OS updates, battery health, device/server temperature, hard disc space, RAM usage, and more.

  • Our team minimizes any unproductive working time making sure your business operations run without flaws.

Your company’s key metrics are at your fingertips

  • Usage Statistic

  • Security Report and Audit

  • Support Volume Report

PRONKO breaks down resources usage statistics into layers of detail so you could measure how many emails you receive, TB of data use, network bandwidth your company consumes for a specific period of time. Thus, you can define the benchmark of resource consumption your organization needs to attain operational efficiency.

  • Network bandwidth

  • Emails quantity

  • Hard drive space

Usage Statistic

Every 39 secs hackers attack devices to steal or damage data, gain control over assets, or disrupt systems or environments. PRONKO generates detailed reports & analytics on how many times your business has been attacked a month. We also uncover weak spots of your organization defense so you could take preventive actions and enhance your cybersecurity.

  • Data breach reports

  • Vulnerability reports

  • Cyberattack statistics

Security Report and Audit

PRONKO gives you a visual overview of volume peaks and dips of IT-related requests to your tech department. The metrics help you define and address the most troublesome issues in your organization, pinpoint whether your IT resources are sufficient to cover the technical demand or you need to dedicate additional support staff to cover your needs.

  • Number of IT requests

  • Nature of IT requests

  • Breakdown of IT issues within departments

Support Volume Report

User Satisfaction Surveys

User Satisfaction Surveys
  • Regular surveys

    Our team conducts regular surveys about PRONKO service efficacy to ensure you get the best tech support possible.

  • Device provisioning rate

    Make sure your team is supplied with devices that help them do their job effectively.

  • Tech support assessment

    Get insights into how your team’s tech requests have been handled by PRONKO.

  • Service adjustment

    Based on the survey results, we adjust IT services to ensure all your business needs are covered.