Build an agile cloud infrastructure with PRONKO cloud management services

From planning and creating the architecture, to implementing and maintaining the cloud system, PRONKO does all the administrative stuff so you can grow your business in an optimal environment.

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Why PRONKO cloud management services?

Empower your organization with Microsoft 365 and Google Cloud

Whether you want to build your startup or migrate existing on-premise assents of your well-established organization to the cloud, PRONKO delivers cloud management services for popular platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Cloud that align with the company’s needs.


Microsoft 365


Google Cloud


Cloud document management

File sharing

Teamwork & Communication

Project management

Access, store, and organize files from the cloud storage

  • Create folders & subfolders
  • Available across computers and smartphones
  • Reduce manual paperwork
  • Allow customized access to files
  • Secure document repository





Google Sheets

Share corporate files across different devices

  • Share big files easily
  • Access via secure Internet-connection
  • Available across computers and smartphones
  • Protected with the latest security and encryption technology



Google Drive



Enhance your team productivity

  • Keep your employees connected, worldwide
  • Arrange chats, calls, and meetings in real-time
  • Ensure flexibility of a remote workspace
  • Integrate with your browsers & email programs



Microsoft Teams


Google Meet

Manage your project efficiently, even with a remote team

  • Provide real-time & secure collaboration
  • Create and manage tickets
  • Get analytics & reports
  • Plan workload effectively
  • Automate manual processes






App Hosting & Management

Integrate with SaaS apps easily

PRONKO deploys popular cloud SaaS applications to cover your business needs like communication, project management, data storage, content creation, and more.

Reduce installation and configuration time

All you need to leverage the app is to have an Internet connection and log-in. Just a few minutes, and it’s ready for use.

Cut license and maintenance costs

Due to a subscription and pay-as-you-go model, your business cuts the costs that would have been spent on the expensive software license or server maintenance.

Cloud Managed WiFi

Delegate setting up and managing your wireless network to PRONKO experts. We design, install, configure, and manage your wireless network so that your employees could access your business cloud-based apps using their own WiFi-enabled devices.

  • Stay securely connected to access points and networks

  • Get your network errors immediately fixed

  • Have key metrics monitored to ensure a smooth connection

Our team monitors and analyzes key metrics such as network connection, users, devices, speed, signal strength, vulnerabilities, or unauthorized intrusions to ensure your employees stay connected with secure and reliable wireless Internet.

Cloud Infrastructure

PRONKO plans, architects, develops, and maintains cloud solutions across private, public, and hybrid environments. We build a cloud model that aligns with your business requirements and needs.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

PRONKO manages servers, networks, storage of your organization ensuring you have the same capabilities and control as if handling a traditional data center.

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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PRONKO ensures your developers can focus on creating and managing applications, while our experts maintain operating systems, software updates, storage, and infrastructure.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

PRONKO powers your business with cloud-based applications you can run in your browser without any downloads or installation.

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PRONKO migrates, manages, and maintains your critical cloud-based systems

We outsource management of your cloud-based systems so that you either save your money paying for services you use rather than hiring an entire IT team. Or allow your IT department to spend more time on pressing matters rather than maintaining servers, databases, and other stuff.


VoIP systems