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Why cloud and infrastructure security matters

Did You Know?

Managed Endpoint Protection

Entrust protection of corporate endpoint devices against evolving cyber threats to PRONKO

We deliver fully managed endpoint protection solutions to all end users’ devices in every corner of the world. Your endpoints are always protected against new generations of security threats, no matter where they are.

PRONKO Managed Endpoint Protection as a Service Include

Review and analysis of your endpoint environment

Data and email encryption to keep your data secured

Real-time protection against threats with managed antivirus software

App whitelisting / blacklisting to ensure right apps work, while malicious ones are blocked

Centralized network access control to manage user permissions

Threat activity logs to get an overview of suspicious activities

Cloud Security

Domain Security

PRONKO protects your domain names, DNS, and digital certificates so that you can run your business in a safe environment. Take care of your reputation before it gets too late. Safeguard your organization and your customers from unauthorized domain changes which lead to sensitive data loss and theft.


Applications Protection

PRONKO protects Slack, Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Box, and other cloud apps from account hijacking and cyber threats. Our team handles misconfiguration of security settings, unauthorized access, insecure API, and many more. We provide your apps with an additional level of control installing and maintaining API-based cloud application security platforms that keep your data secured.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Add multi-factor authentication to protect your applications from security breaches. PRONKO configures a multi-factor authentication software that adds an extra layer of protection against vulnerability and potential attacks.

Your employees will use the second source of validation (phone, token) to verify their identity in seconds. In a convenient way.


SSO Login

Simplify the way your employees sign up and sign in. Ensure consistent and trouble-free login experience within several software systems with a PRONKO SSO (Single Sign-On) solution. We ensure users have the right level of access to the apps they need, both on-premise and cloud-based, supported with the security architecture that works best for your organization.


Infrastructure Security


Network Security

Prevent hefty damages resulted from network breaches and outages. PRONKO provides you with high-quality network equipment, configures it, and then monitors all networking components like routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and VMs to maintain and optimize their availability. In this way, we find and detect network performance issues or threats at the initial stage to ensure smooth network functioning.


Content Filtering

Shield your organization from undesirable adult or illegal content, and limit access to social networks, chats, or media that cut employees’ productivity. PRONKO installs DNS filters that block unacceptable content and protect from malware, phishing, control attacks, and other threats that might be hidden there.


WiFi Authentication

Keep your organization’s wireless connection secured with a PRONKO WiFi security enhancement strategy. We fix your wireless connection weaknesses and empower your organization’s WiFi security with the best protection practices.


Smart Gateway

Guard your users, networks, apps from cyber threats stemming from insecure Internet connections. PRONKO ensures each time your team members go to the open Internet, they have a secure connection free of malicious threats.


Data Protection

PRONKO keeps your sensitive data secret. We encrypt your hard drives so that hijackers won’t decipher confidential information.

Email Security

We guard your email servers with powerful control mechanisms, encryption, firewalls, and spam filtering software to stand against malware, spam, and phishing attacks.

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Regular Vulnerability Test

We detect, assess, and fix any security vulnerabilities that exist in your system or software before hackers do.


Security Analytics & Alerts

PRONKO proactively monitors security events to detect and remove a threat before it affects your infrastructure and bottom line.


User Score and Risk assessment

Our experts identify and evaluate hazards so that you could adopt ways to mitigate or eliminate those risks.