PRONKO designs backup and easy recovery plans to keep your data accessible

Build confidence in your business future getting your data securely backed up and having a robust recovery plan to be up and running with minimal downtime costs as data loss or disaster happens.

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Did you know?


of companies

bankrupt in a year after they lose access to critical data for at least 10 days


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close down as they lose their critical and sensitive data



is an average cost for the company’s information loss

Invest in PRONKO backup and easy recovery strategy to quickly restore your corporate data as incidents happen

Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft provides you with a basic level of protection. However, having Office 365 backed up by PRONKO, you go beyond default recovery options and get advanced security features to ensure not a byte of information is lost.

Microsoft doesn’t protect emails or shared files your team stores in Office 365. Neither it shields the system from the most serious data loss issues like accidental or intentional file deletion, malware attacks, and more. PRONKO makes sure you’re able to restore files anytime, no matter why the loss has occurred.

PRONKO backs up your Microsoft 365 data

  • Exchange Online

    Protect your business emails, attachments, calendar, contacts, tasks so you could restore them when circumstances require.

  • OneDrive for Business

    Back up the company’s and employees’ personal storage space and files it includes to get access to critical data even after the disaster.

  • SharePoint Online

    Secure your organization’s digital information stored in intranet sites, web pages, doc libraries, and lists having it backed up by PRONKO.

  • Microsoft Teams

    Safeguard the tools your team needs to be more engaged and collaborate more effectively from the data loss.

Full Endpoint Backup

PRONKO backs up endpoints of your employees to restore the data in case of an incident in minutes so that the team could get back to work as if the disaster never happened.

  • Backup across Windows- and macOS-based laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones fast and hassle-free.

  • Prevent accidental file deletion or other user mistakes that lead to data loss.

  • Be prepared to respond to ransomware or virus attacks, accidental data deletion, disk or OS failure, or other incidents.

  • Get your data securely backed up in an encrypted repository assigned with individual end-user permissions.

Local Data Backup

Ensure faster restore time and have better control of who has access to the storage media having your data housed on-site, near the source.

  • Network Attached Storage

  • Server Replication

  • Server Backup

    Backup your dedicated server to prevent data loss in case of incidents or cyberattacks. PRONKO ensures you can easily restore critical information about your finances, clients, business operations when any disaster happens. Thus, you can quickly rebuild your business with minimum downtime.

  • Virtual Machines Backup

    Save configurations, setups, data, permissions, and more stored on your virtual machines to support your physical assets. PRONKO backs up the information you keep on your VMs so that you could easily rebuild the virtualized environment when needed.

  • File Storage Backup

    Keep your files in a secure place so that you could easily restore them as required. With PRONKO, you can rest easy knowing that your data is recoverable in a flash.

  • PRONKO builds and maintains the replication server that provides your employees with a centralized and distributed database, even when they are geographically dispersed.

Cloud Data Backup

Bolster your company’s data protection with a PRONKO cloud backup and easy recovery strategy. We will store your most critical systems, applications, data on the off-site server, still ensuring easy access in case a recovery situation occurs. Backing up your data on the cloud, you achieve predictable costs, scalability, protection against media’s physical damage, and many more.

Disaster recovery

PRONKO develops a detailed recovery plan so that your organization could respond to an unpredictable situation, both on- and off-site. If the disaster happens, we easily restore and bring up your servers, SQL databases, files, and apps in no time to ensure your company could run mission-critical operations.

PRONKO implements robust solutions to handle emergencies

  • Analyzes potential threats, vulnerabilities and their impact on your business

  • Develops a plan of actions depending on the emergency and vulnerability type

  • Documents disaster recovery measures to have ready-made solutions in case the event repeats

  • Performs disaster recovery tests to ensure the designed plan works

  • Preventive measures

    PRONKO takes action to prevent an event from occurring.

  • Investigative measures

    PRONKO discovers undesired events before they start posing a serious threat.

  • Corrective measures

    PRONKO takes measures to eliminate the risks at the early stage as an incident happens.

Upgrade your business with PRONKO cutting-edge managed IT services.