PRONKO brings innovation to your business to catalyze its success with bespoke software

Description: Either you need a custom-built CRM or other software to automate business processes, PRONKO will design and build an app with a user-friendly interface your team or customers will love.

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PRONKO is here to deliver full-lifecycle product development solutions from shaping the product idea to its release. We welcome demanding and challenging tasks bringing the most complex software concept to life.

Our ingenious team of designers and developers creates applications that go beyond all expectations. Their outside of the box thinking along with a methodical approach and vast experience in their fields let them create the most appealing bespoke app and software solutions that help you hit your target.

We are committed to empowering your business with progressive app and software solutions so that you could build your brand and make a stronger connection with your users turning them into loyal customers. Increasing customer value and engagement, you will be one step ahead of your competitors earning good money while they will still be looking for the ways of boosting their business.

Our values


Giving more than our clients ask us about is our philosophy. Our commitment to excellence reflects our underlying passion to provide you with the most profit-making solutions that take your business to new heights.

Team work

We ask questions, listen to you carefully before delivering a solution. Knowing your real-world challenges, expectations, and final goals, we assure your business and technology aspects are properly aligned.


In the era of rapid digital development, time is a valuable commodity. We ensure you do not waste precious time on profitless IT solutions. Our mission is to establish a favorable technological environment so that you could work efficiently and securely providing your customers with the first-class service.

Road from the idea to fully-implemented product



First and foremost, we would like to understand your vision of future software. We carefully work out the set of product milestones and requirements, as well as gather the team of professionals who specialize in specific aspects of the product development.



Putting ourselves in your customers’ or employees’ shoes and understanding the challenges they face, we know exactly how to make their experience of interacting with the app as flawless and intuitive as possible. We ensure your users are satisfied and you reach your business goals. We are also working on building your brand identity creating the design that helps you stand out in a competitive online marketing world.



As we know what the final goal is and software’s design meets all your expectations, we are getting down to work. With an agile project management approach, we ensure that all aspects of the app development are covered simultaneously by our highly experienced and creative teams.



Before you introduce the new product to your users, we make sure it is free of bugs and functionality breaks. As we could detect and fix the issues with automated tests, you dramatically improve end-product quality and cut your costs.



Finally, after all these phases your software is ready. If your app is designed for purely internal enterprise use, we help you integrate it with other applications, connect it with the cloud, back up its data, or whatever kind of assistance you need.



Releasing the app is only the beginning of the journey. We will be here for you to improve your software as time goes on adjusting it to new demands and tendencies.