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David CFO

I can’t open my files in One Drive


Assaf Director of communication

My laptop is freezing, can’t sync Google Drive


Jenny Marketing Team

My Outlook stopped working


Jake Warehouse Team

Can’t connect to my remote PC in the Office


Margareth CEO

Our ERP application is down, can’t open anything.


Martha Designer

Can’t connect to our Office Wi-Fi


George Operations Department

I’m getting tons of Spam email, am I hacked?

We can handle all those problems so you can focus on achieving your business goals

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Choose your issue

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Service Desk

We tackle the daily issues of your employees so that all apps and tools work smoothly. Thus, your workers become less stressed and more productive.

PRONKO Top Service Desk Features

  • Windows & Mac Patch Management & Updates

  • Employee Provisioning & Deprovisioning

  • Email and Chat Management

  • Issue Management & Automation

  • App Deployment & Maintenance

  • Newsletter & Alert Service



We protect your critical assets and sensitive data from cyber-attacks with our security solutions.

PRONKO Top Security Features

Managed Antivirus

Advanced Threat Protection

DNS Security

Email Security

Hard drive Encryption/File Vault/p>

Multi-Factor Authentication


Infrastructure Management

We remotely maintain all your servers, network devices, and workstations. Which means we detect and fix potential problems minimizing your downtime costs.

PRONKO Top Infrastructure Management Features

Real-time Issue Monitoring

Devices Firmware Updates

Network Management & Monitoring

Server Management & Monitoring

Event Monitoring and Alert

Backup Integrity Checks


Cloud Management

We provide a cohesive cloud management strategy to cover your business needs while reducing your up-front IT investments.

PRONKO Top Cloud Management Features

Microsoft 365 or GSuite Management

Cloud Managed WiFi

Advanced Anti-Spam/Anti Phishing

Virtual Server Hosting

Application Hosting & Management


Backup and Recovery

We backup your critical data and design a detailed step-by-step disaster recovery strategy. So that you can respond to unplanned incidents and assets failures without financial losses.

PRONKO Top Backup & Recovery Features

Local Data backup and recovery

Full Endpoint Backup

Cloud Data Backup And Restore

Microsoft 365 Backup


Reports and Analytics

We audit health and performance details of your workstations to ensure all your assets work flawlessly.

PRONKO top useful features

Equipment Health Report7

Usage Statistic

Request Volume Report

Security Audit and Report

User Satisfaction Surveys



PRONKO designs and implements a strategy to develop a tailored product or service to meet your business needs in the shortest possible time and within the established budget.

PRONKO top useful features

Email Migration

Data Migration

Cloud WiFi implementation

CRM system implementation

Migration to VoIP phone system

Communication platform development


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