IT infrastructure powers your business

PRONKO powers and controls your key infrastructure elements to ensure you maintain business productivity.

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Run your business processes in a secure and fast network maintained by PRONKO experts

Ensure your organization’s servers are stable and protected trusting server monitoring to PRONKO

Keep your critical data backed up in a secure and reliable environment monitored by a PRONKO team

Network Management

Whenever you are communicating with your customers, linking computers, or browsing the Internet, you are using a network. You can either build a strong online presence with a stable, secure, and fast network. Or suffer from hefty damages resulted from the outage due to the poor network management.



We track and evaluate every signal, overall network performance to take timely precautions against connectivity issues, data breach, downtime, or cyberattacks.



We update firmware for every network device and optimize the availability of your routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and VMs for network’s smooth operation.



We manage firewalls, DNS, filter web content, and detect any suspicious activities to make certain your networks run in a secure environment.

Server Manegement

Whether your company depends on servers to store data, host a website, run apps, or uses a hybrid environment of in-house and cloud services, PRONKO reduces complexity, time, and costs managing your organization’s servers.

  • Monitoring

  • Patch Management and Updates

  • 3rd party App Management

  • Policies and Access Management


PRONKO delivers real-time, round-the-clock remote server monitoring so that potential problems can be detected well before they become serious issues impacting performance, user experience, and your bottom line. We are using monitoring software that allows for automated reporting, scheduled checks, and pre-emptive warnings about the health of your multiple servers. Which means, our experts could react to the threat the second the issue happens and eliminate it in no time.

Patch management & Updates

PRONKO safeguards your servers with the latest patches and updates. We ensure you have the latest security patches, antivirus database and server OS updates to keep your devices and sensitive data protected.

3rd Party App Management

PRONKO installs and configures 3rd party applications that require server configuration so that they could be used by all office employees.

Policies & Access Management

PRONKO takes on the responsibilities of granting access for every authorized asset or user to server resources, be it an application or file.


Scale faster and avoid wasting expensive processing power by running multiple OS on a single virtual system. PRONKO helps you centralize administrative tasks while improving IT agility, flexibility, scalability, and creating significant cost savings with our virtualized data centers.


PRONKO has adopted an automated remediation approach to stay on top of your infrastructure performance. Every time an issue occurs, the app creates a ticket and sends a message to our team. In this way, we can react to incidents much faster reducing or mitigating the downtime risks.

Backup Monitoring

Daily Local and Cloud Backup Check

PRONKO runs daily checks to detect any backup failures or suspicious activities on the remote server.

Backup Integrity Check

PRONKO keeps an eye on the data stored on external drives so that it is available for quick restoration in case of an incident.

Backup Issues Remediation

PRONKO fixes backup failures or other issues designing a robust remediation plan to ensure your data stays protected.


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Regular Vulnerability Test

We scan apps, websites, data stored on your servers to spot security vulnerabilities or insecure server configurations.


Analysis and Audit

We run server analysis to discover any suspicious activity before a successful security violation occurs.


Event Alert

We receive real-time alert notifications as a response to a server security event so that our experts could immediately react to an incident.