PRONKO will improve your website’s ranking in search results so you could reach more prospects and drive more sales

PRONKO helps drive more traffic to your website optimizing your webpages, tags, titles with relevant keywords, formulating an effective backlink strategy, enhancing technical stuff like page loading speed, interface, and more.

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Our SEO mission

Did you know that 89% of customers google before buying the product or service they want? It’s an overwhelming number. With a variety of services and eCommerce websites, it’s harder to stay on top of the competition.

With our SEO strategies, we help your potential customers find your business when using search engines to find the product, service, or location they need. We piece their queries together with your website just like a jigsaw puzzle.

For your online business to succeed, your website has to:

  • Appear at the top of the search list

  • Attract with responsive web design and relevant UX

  • Provide compelling, quality, and engaging content

We implement successful SEO strategies

We choose the right target keywords for your pages to be easily crawled and indexed by Google

We compose quality SEO-oriented content to build your traffic and search engine authority

We optimize pages’ title and image tags to get a good ranking

We adjust your website for mobile devices to retain a potential customer who visits your website from the phone

We take care of Google Analytics setup, tracking, and reporting to update you with any changes

We conduct a link-building strategy to generate traffic

We keep up with the changes in Google and other search engines algorithms to maintain your top positions

With PRONKO SEO strategy you will

Boost organic traffic

With our proven techniques and strategies, we ensure that your potential customers find you rather than your competitors when searching for a product, service, or location.

Win higher search rankings

As 67% of all clicks go to the first five organic results in the search engine, we aim at bringing you to the top-ranking results and also maintaining your position on the first page of the Google search results.

Increase your profit margin

We develop an integrated SEO strategy that results in more sales and more leads for your business.